12 Nice Causes To Go Vegan NOW

On the fence about veganism? Listed below are some nice causes to go vegan, now!

By Diane Small

Veganism was once the realm of hippies and Hindus, however immediately, it’s taking up the world. There are many nice causes to go vegan, in addition to simply loving animals. And so from California to Calcutta, individuals are shunning meat for well being, environmental, financial and moral motivations.

In case you’re nonetheless not satisfied,  we’ve give you 12 nice causes to go vegan proper now. Test them out – you solely want one good purpose to vary your way of life. And there’s no higher time to begin bettering your well being and growing animal welfare than the current!

In case you’re already vegan, why not share this text with somebody who’s not? It could be simply the nudge they want…

12 Nice Causes To Go Vegan NOW

1. You’ll stay longer

One of many greatest causes to go vegan now’s merely to spice up your individual well being! Loads of research have proven that vegans are much less prone to develop the principle killer illnesses within the West: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and hypertension.

Regardless of what many individuals imagine, vegans can get  all the nutrients that they need to be wholesome from their weight loss program, together with protein, fiber, and minerals. They usually can try this with out ingesting all of the nasty stuff that meat has, like hormones, antibiotics and the unhealthy sorts of saturated fats.

Even if you happen to go vegan at some point every week, you’ll make an affect in your well being – and the setting.

2. You’ll get slimmer (perhaps)

Beyonce mentioned even after happening some loopy diets (cayenne pepper and maple water, anybody?) she nonetheless couldn’t drop some weight. Till she went vegan, that’s!

Vegans are, on common, up to 20 pounds lighter than carnivores. Simply watch out: some folks assume going vegan is all about breads, rice, pasta, nut loafs, vegan sweets and vegan ‘cheesecakes’.

Certain, they’re all tremendous tasty, however make sure you watch the carbs and energy, and likewise make sure you’re getting a lot of vegan proteins like tofu, hemp protein powder or quinoa.

Pam Anderson for PETA

3. It’s WAY higher for the planet

One other of the nice causes to go vegan now’s to avoid wasting our planet!

One among our favorite motion pictures, Cowspiracy, reveals that consuming meat and sporting leather-based just isn’t inexperienced. These actions are literally wasteful and trigger huge quantities of pollution. In case you care in regards to the planet, know this: adopting a vegan weight loss program is extra much more efficient than switching to a “greener” automobile within the battle in opposition to local weather change!

In truth, it’s among the finest issues you are able to do to avoid wasting the planet, full cease.

4. You’ll save the animals!

This one could appear to be the obvious of all the nice causes to go vegan. However do you know that every vegan saves the lives of more than 100 animals a year? Whoa, proper?

Some could argue that ‘if the animals are handled with kindness, then it’s okay.’ However that is merely not the case – as anybody who has witness the slaughter of even grass-fed animals is aware of, these guys don’t need to die! And it’s simply not justifiable to kill a sentient, emotional being that doesn’t need to die, simply so you may take pleasure in a hamburger with bacon. Not our our bodies, not our decisions, people.

However keep in mind: even natural dairy and eggs are nonetheless mass produced in a merciless method. Calves are nonetheless ripped away from their moms, and hens are stored in crowded circumstances, they’re simply fed natural feed. Watch the video beneath to see proof.

There’s merely no simpler approach to assist animals and stop their infinite struggling than by selecting vegan meals over meat, eggs, and dairy merchandise.

5. It’s yummy and straightforward

That is maybe one of many lesser considered causes to go vegan now. Veganism is certainly extra mainstream lately, and dairy-product alternate options are so frequent that even Starbucks has a great deal of plant based mostly milks.

Pizzerias are providing vegan cheese pizzas, and there are plant based mostly burgers that style like the true factor. Can’t discover these in your city? By no means concern! Many bloggers like Madeline Shaw, Deliciously Ella and even PETA have nice recipes you may strive cooking your self.

However right here’s a caveat: don’t be fooled by so-called artificial meats. They’re tremendous unhealthy, and aren’t even strictly vegan, both. Go for a lentil burger as a substitute!

12 Great Reasons To Go Vegan NOW

6. Meat is definitely fairly disgusting

Meat is often contaminated  with feces, blood, and different bodily fluids. No marvel  animal merchandise account for the highest supply of meals poisoning in the US!

And by ‘meat’, we’re not simply speaking beef right here. Scientists on the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg College of Public Well being examined grocery store chickens and located that 96 % of  Tyson chicken  was contaminated with campylobacter, a harmful bacterium that causes 2.4 million circumstances of meals poisoning annually, leading to diarrhea, cramping, belly ache, and fever. Ewww!

Beneath:A bunch of useless pig elements = yummy? Not! Supply: Wikicommons

12 Great Reasons To Go Vegan NOW

7. Dairy can also be gross

In response to Elise Desaulniers, creator of Money Cow: Ten Myths in regards to the Dairy Trade, milk and cheese are filled with hormones, antibiotics and even natural dairy could have pus and blood in it! Yuk!

Plus, many individuals are allergic to lactose and can expertise fuel, bloating and tummy aches after consuming dairy. Milk merchandise additionally encourage the manufacturing of mucous in our our bodies, which is sort of gross, proper?

And regardless of what cheese lovers could let you know, dairy is NOT one of the best ways to get calcium in your weight loss program. Leafy greens, almonds, broccoli and non-GMO soya merchandise like soy yogurt are an effective way to get this mineral.

8. Vegan style is getting approach cooler

One other of the nice causes to go vegan is that you just’ll look cool!

Name it the ‘Stella impact.’ Since Ms McCartney demonstrated past a doubt that vegan style will be tremendous trendy, a great deal of designers have adopted.

At the moment, high manufacturers like Beyond Skin, Freedom of Animals, and Sydney Brown are matching and surpassing the seems to be of mainstream designers who insist on merciless style.

vegan fashion


9. You’ll assist finish starvation

In response to PETA and Cowspiracy each, consuming meat doesn’t simply harm animals–it hurts people, too. It takes tons of crops and water to lift farmed animals. In truth, it takes as much as 13 kilos of grain to provide simply 1 pound of animal flesh!

All that plant meals might be used far more effectively if it have been fed on to folks. The extra individuals who go vegan,  the better able we’ll be to feed the world. Is there a larger purpose to go vegan than that?

cowspiracy facts

10. You’ll save a great deal of cash

One of many core causes to go vegan now for a lot of is, sadly, as a result of they’re broke, and admittedly, meat and cheese are at all times the costliest issues within the common individual’s purchasing basket. By swapping to vegan proteins, you’ll be saving a packet!

I imply severely – how low-cost are beans lentils and peanuts? Buy them in bulk they usually’re virtually free – plus you’ll keep away from packaging waste!

12 Great Reasons To Go Vegan NOW

11. You’re in good firm

Who’s gone vegan? Extra like: who hasn’t gone vegan?!  Joaquin Phoenix, Natalie Portman, Ariana Grande, Al Gore, Flo Rida, Tobey Maguire, Shania Twain, Alicia Silverstone, Anthony Kiedis, Casey Affleck, Kristen Bell, Alyssa Milano, Widespread, Joss Stone, Anne Hathaway, Dave Navarro, Miley Cyrus and Carrie Underwood are simply few of a few of the hottest, excessive profile vegans we learn about.

See our 15 sexiest vegan males right here, if you happen to want extra motivation!

12 Great Reasons To Go Vegan NOW

12. It’s not a faith

In case you exit with mates one evening they usually all order a pizza to share, and that mozzarella seems to be actually tasty proper now…effectively, eat it.

Regardless of what some militant vegans would possibly say, going vegan doesn’t imply when you’ve got a pair of leather-based boots or eat a chunk of cake that was made with eggs you’re going straight to vegan hell.

The concept is to attempt to do the most effective you may, and to do not forget that each little change helps not solely you and the animals, however the planet on the entire too.

Spinach pizza

Final picture: Wikicommons

12 Great Reasons To Go Vegan NOW

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